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This year, we are THRILLED to be offering two sessions of clinician-led summer camps designed to engage children with varying levels of support needs. With a high staff to camper ratio, the emphasis for the camps will be to form meaningful social connections between campers, while also skill building in various areas while participating in programming offered by physiotherapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. The camps are being held at Meadowood United Church on 1111 Dakota Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

SESSION 1: July 8-12, 2024

8:30-11:30 AM: Buddy Blast for ages 6-9. It's all about summer shenanigans with pals! At Buddy Blast Camp, we're all about the good times, perfect for kids aged 6-9 with diverse needs. Dive into the joy of friendship as our team of pediatric occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech language pathologists guides small crews through epic adventures in everything from wild games to crafty creations. We're here to boost those skills in movement, chatter, and bonding, all while keeping the laughter rolling! 🚀🎉

12:30-3:30 PM: Fun with Friends for ages 10-13: Summer Fun with Friends Camp is the ultimate hangout spot for tweens and young teens, ages 10-13, who thrive with different types of support. Our retreat is all about forging connections and socializing in a cool, laid-back atmosphere. Our team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech language pathologists will lead small squads through a mix of activities covering everything from active challenges to creative projects. Get ready to level up in movement, conversation, and camaraderie while soaking up the summer vibes! 🌟🎈

SESSION 2: August 19-23, 2024

8:30-11:30 AM: Buddy Blast (see above for description)

12:30-3:30 PM: Fun with Friends (see above for description) 

Summer Camp: The Clinic


Registration forms will be accepted on a rolling basis as of April 10, 2024. Registration forms should be completed and submitted to Submitting a registration form does not guarantee that your child has a spot in the camp. Someone from Children's Therapy Collective will be in contact within 2 business days of submitting the registration form to confirm the registration or ask follow-up questions if needed. Once the camps are full, a waiting list will be created. 

To secure registration, payment in full ($549.90) must be received within three business days of receiving confirmation of enrolment. Receipts that may be submitted to insurance will be issued at the end of the camp. Receipts issued will say "group therapy" and therefore caregivers are responsible to ensure that their insurance covers group therapy. Receipts for days that campers are not able to attend will not be issued due to Regulatory College regulations.

Summer Camp: The Clinic
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