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Comprehensive, Collaborative Children's Therapy Services

Appointments are currently offered either virtually or in the client's home (or another agreed upon location).  

Children's Therapy Collective was founded on the principle of providing therapy services tailored for children with unique needs.  The Collective includes Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Physiotherapy, and Counselling.  You are able to access one or multiple services for your child in one place!  We believe children should have access to therapists who communicate with one another for the best possible therapy and outcomes for the children!



Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with children and their families to treat all forms of communication delays or disorders. SLPs gain an understanding of the children and families they are working with: including interests, strengths, areas needing improvement, and current communication methods (verbal, sign language, AAC, gestures, etc.). 

We offer free virtual or phone consultations to discuss your child's speech and language development.  You can book this, along with the following appointments by clicking the "Book Now" button below.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


Physiotherapist’s work with children on gross motor development and skills.  Gross motor skills are the large movements of the body like rolling, sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, climbing stairs, throwing, catching, kicking and balancing, among others.   Physiotherapists can do an assessment of a child to see what their gross motor development is like and if it is age-appropriate.  They can then suggest specific activities or recommendations to help improve the child’s skills, whether that be mobility practice, stabilization, stretching or strengthening.  Physiotherapist’s main goal is for children to be the most functional and independent they can be!

We offer free brief phone consultations to discuss whether your child would benefit from physiotherapy services.  You can book this and the following appointments below by clicking the "Book Now" button.

Art Fun


OTs work with the client and their families to first try and gain an understanding of the child: their interests, their strengths, their goals, and their challenges. An intervention plan is then created emphasizing skills that are functional and motivating for the child. OTs also work closely with other clinicians such as PTs and SLPs to create comprehensive treatment plans!

In addition to direct services with the child, Children's Therapy Collective also offers parent coaching. This is a wonderful service for parents who would like more information and strategies for supporting their children's development. 

We offer free brief phone consultations to discuss whether your child would benefit from occupational therapy services.  You can book this and the following appointments below by clicking the "Book Now" button.

Child Psychologist


Counsellors can provide invaluable support for the emotional development and well-being of children and youth. They create a safe and nurturing environment, assisting individuals in navigating challenges, developing coping strategies, and fostering resilience. With expertise in areas such as trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and social difficulties, counsellors empower children and youth to explore their emotions, build self-awareness, and improve their overall well-being.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, social worker, or foster parent seeking professional support for a child or youth in your care,  counselling services can offer the guidance and tools necessary for their journey towards growth and healing.

Our Counselling Services Coordinator is available to meet virtually or over the phone with you for a free initial/intake call via the "Book Now" button below. Please note that this initial/intake call is not a counselling session or clinical assessment. If you would prefer to communicate via email to set up counselling services or ask questions, please use the "contact us" page on our website or email

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Workshops and Presentations Tailored to the Needs of Your Organization

Children's Therapy Collective is glad to work with early childhood education centres, private schools, health organizations, CFS agencies, and caregiver groups to provide customized professional development workshops and presentations. 

Male and female creative students listening explanation of female train manager during wor


We offer customized contract allied health services to centres, communities, health organizations, schools, and other groups that are tailored to your needs.

Benefits of contracting services through Children's Therapy Collective include: 

  • One contract for multiple services (Counselling, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology) simplifies administrative processes and costs. 

  • Having multiple clinicians from CTC enables a team-based multidisciplinary approach from the onset of services.

  • CTC has experience in developing new roles that are customized to the needs of the contracting agency for maximum efficiency and efficacy.

  • CTC has resources and extensive experience when it comes to recruitment of high quality clinical staff for historically difficult to fill positions.

Please contact us to schedule an initial meeting to discuss how we might be of service. 

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