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OTs work with the client and their families to first try and gain an understanding of the child: their interests, their strengths, their goals, and their challenges. An intervention plan is then created emphasizing skills that are functional and motivating for the child. OTs also work closely with other clinicians such as PTs and SLPs to create comprehensive treatment plans!

In addition to direct services with the child, Children's Therapy Collective also offers parent coaching. This is a wonderful service for parents who would like more information and strategies for supporting their children's development. 

Common areas addressed by pediatric OTs include: 

  • Fine motor skills: writing, opening packages, doing up zippers/buttons, manipulating toys, etc.

  • Selective eating: aversions to specific textures, limited food repertoire

  • Sensory processing: under- or over-reactivity to sensory world (light, noise, smell, movement, etc.) to the extent that it is interfering with daily tasks

  • Self-regulation: difficulty maintaining expected level of regulation for a given task, quick to become frustrated, tantrums frequently, etc. 

  • Self-help skills: dressing, bathing, using the toilet, etc. 

  • Social skills: interacting positively with others

Contact us today if you would like to discuss whether your child would benefit from occupational therapy!

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